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EE20 Specs:

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Subaru Diesel EE20 Engine

  • SUBARU DIESEL EE20 EURO 5 - Starts at $4875

    Very complete EURO 5 engine! Comes with alternator, A/C compressor, full exhaust including turbo, Flywheel, clutch and more...

    Starts at $4875

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  • Subaru Diesel EE20 Custom Parts

  • Boxer diesel Power steering

    Need power steering? We figured it out for you! Comes with all the necessary hardware. This power steering system has been tested for many miles and approved! Comes with hardware.


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  • Short Oil Pan (Vanagon conversion)

    As the first company using the EE20 engine in multiple applications, we are glad to offer this short oilpan. It saves about 2" of height yet still holds the exact same volume of oil! It comes with stainless steel bolts and a magnetic drain plug. (Pick-up modification available in exchange for original pick-up.)


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  • Stainless Steel Exhaust (Vanagon conversion)

    Get the best out of the Subaru EE20 engine with this stainless steel exhaust system. Sleek and durable, it is specifically designed to provide high ground clearance and flow along with a unique sound. All 321 stainless steel.


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  • Intake Manifold StiD

    This highly-modified intake manifold renders the Subaru diesel EE20 engine compact. It is perfectly flush level with the alternator, HP fuel pump, and A/C compressor and still retains the MAPT (manifold absolute pressure and air temperature) sensor.


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  • Subaru EE20 diesel EGR delete kit

    Gain some power,weight and simplicity in your system by removing the EGR cooler! This block off plate is what you need and it uses high grade material! Quality designed by Greg.B


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  • Subaru diesel Throttle delete kit

    Better flow! and way lighter! This throttle body is what you need for a lighter, better flow high performance engine. Quality designed by Greg.B


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  • Subaru diesel EE20 throttle flange

    Build your own intake pipe using our Aluminum 6061-T6 flange! 0.375" thick


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  • Subaru Diesel stainless steel Exhaust Flange kit

    Build your own exhaust easily with this flange kit! This kit consist of the 2 heads and the turbo flange.


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  • Subaru Diesel ECU

    Calibrated Engine ECU for Subaru diesel only.

    Starts at $1940

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  • Subaru Diesel EE20 Stock Parts

  • 240mm Clutch Kit

    The 240 mm push-to-release clutch is a genuine Subaru part especially design for the EE20 boxer diesel engine. Coupled with the dual-mass flywheel, it ensures the smoothest power delivery from the engine.


  • Fuel Filter Unit

    Genuine Subaru part. This factory fuel filter has an integrated fuel heater.


  • ECU

    Original Subaru diesel Denso ECU. Euro4 and Euro5 available.


  • Oil Filter

    Genuine Subaru part. Specific to diesel EE20 engine.


  • Engine Starter

    Factory Subaru diesel starter. More powerful than a gasoline starter. Diesel version is a must have for a durable and powerful start.


  • Accessory Belt

    Replacement belt that drives water pump, alternator, and A/C compressor.


  • Transmission

    5 speed or 6 speed EE20 diesel-specific transmission.


  • Subaru Diesel Alternator 23700AA731

    170 AMP alternator. The most powerfull Subaru alternator of all times!!!


  • Subaru Diesel EE20 A/C compressor 73111FJ020

    Original A/C compressor


  • Particle filter, called DPF or FAP.

    original DPF, low mileage

    $650 pls contact