We are on an extended vacation and don't often have internet access. Please be patient with us as we live our dream and prove to you that this motor can take you anywhere! Read on for details...

We started researching this motor in 2010 to create an expedition vehicle that could drive us around the world. Your interest led us to create this business. We are currently traveling from the USA to Patagonia, exploring places that only a 4WD with some serious torque can go. There is no Internet in the South American countryside! We are living our dream, enjoying our honeymoon, and doing our absolute best to catch up during the brief moments that we can check email. Sorry for the inconvenience. We know that you are as excited about this motor as we are and can't wait to get your hands on one. Please be patient with us, and in the meantime, check out our facebook page or website to see all the places an EE20 can take you!

Engines are still available through our friend John in KY. Only engines (no parts or consulting)

Boxeer LLC was created in 2010 to commercialize a mechanically advanced engine: The Boxer Diesel EE20.We are proud to be the first and only company able to provide the EE20 engine, all replacement parts, and technical support to make your project become reality. Continue Reading


Boxeer - Worldwide seller of Subaru Diesel Engines.

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Price: $5750

EE20 Specs:

torque / output


Boxeer is dedicated at providing Subaru EE20 engines worldwide. Please email Boxeer for any shipping/purchasing inquires.


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